Introducing: The CHEF


Look at this man. Would you eat what he’s serving on that platter?  It’s gotta be meatballs, right? Has to be.  A whole tray of meatballs, made from something he killed with a larger than necessary knife that he also uses for balance.

I think I want my Chefs to be a little plumper than this guy.  And maybe not NAMED Chef. It’s great to have a passion and everything but you don’t have to be named a profession in order to pursue it.  Maybe this part is more a critique on his parents than him but I don’t really have time to get super granular on this man’s birth certificate.

Imagine this man makes meatballs so tasty that THE THIEF snuck in to his kitchen late at night to fill his sack with them? Just a fleeting thought. No, I bet the thief stole something more valuable than meatballs but then again I’m not Italian and so I probably assign a lower value to meatballs than might be warranted. Fine, it was the meatballs, and that means the thief will probably need to steal a sack next given that this one is now filthy. Pretty ironic, if I understand that term correctly. 

From an analytical perspective stealing meatballs is super short-sighted.  Once you ruin the sack with all that sauce sure you’re delighted about the meal but you’ve now created a 2 step process for your next score. Instead of just dropping through the ceiling of an art museum you need to find a sack distributor to rob, which I don’t even think I’ve heard of that before.  At least not before midnight using someone else’s wifi.

Anyway, this post ended up being more about THE THIEF than THE CHEF which probably speaks to the quality of both the drawings and the meatballs.

Author: clownmouth

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