Spoiler Free Movie Review

Gather ’round, movie buffs. Since I don’t mess around with spoilers all I will tell you is that I went to see a movie this weekend at one of the prototype theaters I’m designing. If you recall, these venues incorporate elements from the movie into the experience.

This weekend we experimented by showing the movie Glass.

After a rigorous week of employee training, we devised a system where guests at the concession stands were given one of three unique cups for their drinks.

One group received custom glass mugs that were designed to shatter once they came into contact with pretty much anything. Multiple days of employee training were necessary before the staff were able to simply pour the drink and hand it off without using an entire box of bandages. Eggs and omelets, you know the saying.

A second group of customers received very different glasses. These glasses were pretty much indestructible. Throw them against the wall, step on them, it didn’t matter. The only guests who tried to return these glasses, coincidentally, were those who ordered water. Nothing is fool proof, I guess.

Finally, a third group of customers received special frosted glasses so they could not see through to the contents inside. This was because we had mixed twenty-something different beverages to surprise the guest with a different flavor profile each sip. One of the employees suggested we could just use Dr Pepper to fill these glasses but we were going for originality.

The movie was good.

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