February 2019 Update

Time for another Accountability update. February was my second month with this site, and there is both good and bad news to report.

Let’s start with the bad. The numbers for February look like this: 21 sessions, 19 visitors, 22 page views. These are low numbers. I still have only told 2 people about this site’s existence, so it’s not like I was expecting a ton of visitors, but the number that stands out to me most is the 22 page views given the 19 visitors. Basically, anyone who finds this site only looks at the page they landed on and doesn’t stay to click around and read more.

To be honest, I’m not really sure how to fix that. I’ll keep posting and see if this ratio improves while also making an effort to work links to other posts (now that I have about 30) into the new posts.

For some good news, I at least expanded the variety of subjects I wrote about in February. I worked in a few posts about basketball (one of my favorite topics), some stock market commentary, original content ideas and a few career/finance articles that I use to submit to a Personal Finance website.

Judging from the analytics I get back, it seems that one of these personal finance posts brought in about half the views this month. I’ll keep posting one or two personal finance articles over there but as I’ve mentioned before, I do not want this to become strictly – or even mostly – a personal finance site. While that is my professional background it is not something I want to focus on in my spare time unless it is something that really is worthwhile to a lot of readers, and certainly those people are not coming to this site for that information. Well, no one is really coming to this site yet – I got that joke in before you could make it at my expense.

With 15 posts in January and 14 in February it looks like a neat 1 post every other day cadence so far. If I keep up at least that pace for the next 4 months it’ll be interesting to see where this blog stands after 6 months.

Remember, gang, I’ll keep posting the true numbers here at the end of each month, as small as they might be. The best case scenario is that one of these months we see a noteworthy uptick in visitors and page views and if we can identify the cause of such a spike then maybe that will be useful for other new bloggers.

Regardless, life is a trust fall, so watch your back.

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