January 2019 Update

First month with the site comes to an end.  Let’s talk about it.

Posting 15 times seems like a mild success. I’d eventually like to get to the point where I post something every day, both to get in the habit of writing/creating more but also because I want people to check in regularly for something different than what they’re getting elsewhere. 

Personally, my work routine is to focus on a few tasks, bang them out and then take a break that usually includes surfing the internet a bit. Rinse, lather, repeat throughout the day.  If a site I like updates daily it becomes more likely that I will check in – I hope this site can become that for visitors looking for the same.

In terms of content, I haven’t done a great job diversifying.  So far I’ve posted some movie ideas, some characters I’ve thought up, and dropped in a few stock-related posts.  That may seem a little scattershot but if you think that’s bad boy do I have some unsettling news for you.  I want to talk about a bunch of other subjects.  I haven’t posted at all about sports, gambling, current events, lifestyle design, and a slew of other topics that someone running a niche blog would never dream of putting together.

Any NUMBERS GUYS OR GALS on the check in? 16 sessions. 12 visitors. 103 page views. I’m not keeping secrets tonight.  I have no idea how these numbers look to other bloggers after their first month.  I’ve been focusing on getting up to about 20 or 25 posts before telling people about this blog so 12 visitors is more than expected.  I’ve told only 2 people about the blog’s existence just to get some feedback on the layout, etc. I also posted a link to one of the investing articles on a personal finance website so perhaps that is where the other 10 visitors came from. 

My plan to spread the word is to join a few conversations in online forums and maybe even on Twitter and see what kind of organic growth occurs. Years ago I made an iPhone app and told a bunch of friends about it. The support/purchases up front were great but the drawback was the basically “false” read on the quality of the work. Friends will check the site, sure, but the point is to get strangers to do the same.  If that happens it means the content is standing out based on merit and not on the strength of my existing network.

I’m interested to see how those stats look a month from now and to find out whether I pick up any traction. Remember, gang, I’m the guy telling you the truth about site traffic (or lack thereof). Life is a trust fall and you’re just getting healthy again. I got you.

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