New Movie Pitch

Oh yeah. Back at it again with the hit thriller your friends don’t know about yet. This one features my B Team of Kevin Hart, Robert DeNiro and Jared Leto. Some of you may ask yourselves how this is not my A Team while others ask how is this not my C Team. Ask each other questions like that, I’m busy lunching with talent agents at outdoor cafes so healthy that a Beet Salad is a dessert.

Here’s the pitch: Kevin Hart tries to joke his way into a mob crime family led by Robert DeNiro. Jared Leto is the detective trying to crack the case but also seduce both men with his eyes.

Simple plot up front that lures you into thinking this is another recycled script until my guy JL hits you with one of those David Caruso-esque sunglass adjustments that awakens your soul. Feast your eyes on the poster, my dudes:


B Team got the group chat blowing up again. Coming to a theater near you, nephew.

Author: clownmouth

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