Tens Are Worth Eleven

This is something people around me have heard me say for years.

While reports of the trend towards a cashless society have grown commonplace, until that day officially comes I’ll continue to carry a little good old-fashioned paper currency. I’m not talking golf-course money – you know, crisp $50s for the valet or a newly minted $100 for the long-drive contest off the 18th. I’m just talking about grocery money, gas money, lunch money.

And in the realm of lower denomination SCRATCH, you’d think someone like myself would come across roughly an equal number of singles, fives, tens and twenties. But you’d be wrong, pal.

The singles and twenties are everywhere, flying fast and furious to and from cashiers and clerks. Sometimes one of them might even hit you back with a five-spot if you treat them with proper respect. But, boy do you have to be having some kind of day for another human to hand you over a TEN DOLLAR BILL.

Everyone who has peeked in the register and watched the cashier slide their hand right on past the TENNER to grab you TWO FIVES as your change knows I’m speaking the truth. WHY’D YOU HAVE TO DO ME LIKE THAT, AMANDA? I saw the ten right there.

BECAUSE TENS ARE WORTH ELEVEN. Amanda knows that, just like the rest of us.

The reason I bring this up is because just yesterday I was reading an article that featured the followed chart (from a Deutsche Bank research note):

What stood out to me immediately is that the $10 bill had the shortest life span. Sure the $100 bill will last the longest because your aunt Margaret has them framed and essentially removed from circulation, but I expected the $1 to die first since they’re always getting crumpled up, torn, and mistreated altogether.

It’s a bit of a mystery to me why the $10 bill would finish last in this respect, but it reinforced my belief that there is something special about them.

I don’t claim to know where paper currency goes to die at the end of its life, but I’m confident that wherever those 4.5 year old ten dollar bills are buried the gravestone reads “TENS ARE WORTH ELEVEN”. So show some respect the next time one of them finds it way into your hands.

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