The Future of Interactive TV

If you want to understand how TV will be experienced in a few years you can either turn on your TV after a few birthdays or just read this post. Actually, if you choose the first option you’ll also need to turn on your phone.

This is because I have come up with yet another great idea that Hollywood will steal soon enough. Imagine watching your favorite drama, one of those cop shows with an acronym title, for example. But instead of just filling the week being episodes with office gossip, you also received a text message or two from characters in the show. The bad guy taunting you about what he’s getting away with next, or one of the characters with a puzzling backstory sending you a message about a favor they need.  There could even be a script for a brief back in forth should you choose to respond in a predictable manner.

I really think this is something that could be implemented to make for a more interactive experience with the more devoted fans of a show.  It would also allow networks/production companies to better gauge the percentage of die-hard fans they have in relation to total audience size. I’m sure advertisers would love to know which shows have the most passionate audiences and so producers could use this opt-in feature as an income stream as they are wont to do.

This likely doesn’t play the same with shows on streaming platforms where most of the audience wants to binge watch, but I could still imagine ways to tie it in.  For example, it would be easy enough for these platforms to use interactive texts as a way to lure you back when it has been a few days since you last watched an episode.

Remember this post in a few years when you see network shows prompting you to register for an interactive experience at the end of each episode. I’ve got ideas that push entertainment forward, and I’ll continue sharing them on this site in the near future.

Author: clownmouth

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