Upgrade an Avenger (1)

I’m seeing all these Avenger trailers and the team seems weak. So I’m taking it upon myself to upgrade the SQUAD. Another way to think about this is to compare a team comprised of the upgrades I’m going to suggest over the next few weeks with the default Avenger roster. Pretty sure you’ll want to take my crew.

First up, an easy one everyone should agree with:

Katniss from Hunger Games over Archery Guy who I once saw in an Atlanta hotel. Early in the afternoon he wore shades and a hat real low as if anyone was really going to bother him. Later that night he sat at the hotel bar, without any disguise, drinking. No joke. You know Katniss would have been swamped with autograph/photo requests. No such problem for Robinhood’s son or whatever you call him.

These will get more difficult, I promise. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Author: clownmouth

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