You Got It Twisted

I’m going to ask you something but I promise to keep your answer between us. It’s got a few parts so try not to lose the plot.

Have you ever been upset with someone who holds a position superior to yours? Probably a lot of yeses so far.

Have you then ever had to carry out a task at the request of said person while still upset with them? Maybe it’s a responsibility that’s part of your regular routine but since they’re asking you while you’re FEELING A WAY you now need to do it in a manner that (1) makes it impossible to deny that you performed the task, yet (2) is such a poor job that it basically needs to be re-done?

I used to have to mow the lawn every weekend when I was a kid. I didn’t mind the job but hated being told exactly when I had to do it. As long as it got done properly why did it matter if it was Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon or any time in between? Anyway, one day I was told it was time but I didn’t feel like doing it right then.

I decided to take the time and energy to flip the lawnmower over and figure out how to raise the blade. Then I mowed the lawn, or at least the tip-top of it. My parents could see and hear me mowing the lawn, a bag full (okay, not FULL) of clippings would serve as further evidence, yet I’d have some taste of revenge knowing my dad would be furious with the result.

I tell you all that to show you this:

What series of events led up to this?

This man went 0-for-5. This wasn’t by chance. He made a point to put all five manhole covers back incorrectly. I’d even bet on one of them his first attempt actually seemed straight enough that he spent the energy to do it a second time, emphasizing how far off he could make them.

I’m pretty sure every job description since the late 90’s has listed “attention to detail” as one of the final bullet points just to make the job seem more important and weed out guys like this.

It didn’t work.

Maybe they should think about moving that requirement up a few spots since people who don’t pay attention to detail also probably don’t read to the bottom of the job description.

I got sidetracked.

Anyway, I hope this guy and his boss work out whatever issue(s) got us all into such a mess.

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