Power Outage

As I recently remarked in my post about Apple’s services event held at the beginning of the week, I was surprised Apple announced so many services that they didn’t have pricing or launch dates for. This was especially off-putting because they still had a product in the AirPower charging mat that was announced 18 months earlier and which still had not been released.

Well, today Apple officially pulled the plug on the AirPower charging mat. The company said that they were unable to get the technology to meet their high standards for Apple products.

Given this explanation, I find it hard to believe the product – or even the tech behind the product – was anywhere close to where they needed it to eventually be when they presented it onstage back in September 2017.

This is an embarrassing mistake for a company like Apple who is typically the gold standard when it comes to making reliable products. It makes me think that they were racing to keep pace with competitors like Samsung at the time and felt somewhat forced to unveil a product that they only hoped would one day be ready.

Apple has built up enough goodwill with a loyal fan base where this mistake will be more disappointing than costly. I don’t see many current Apple users leaving the ecosystem because of this, but it will be remembered the next time a pre-announced hardware product or important feature is introduced.

For example, anyone who was excited about the games subscription service that was announced without any launch details or pricing may instead choose to move forward with an equal or inferior product that is currently available to them out of doubt that Apple’s service will ever see the light of day.

I personally believe that the services announced Monday will eventually launch, but a mistake like this with AirPower certainly plants a seed of doubt in consumers who aren’t loyal to any particular ecosystem – exactly the people Apple is seeking at this point in time.

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