Guys, I’m starting this blog with a confession. I bought this domain a few years ago, started blogging about personal finance, and then stopped. I got bored and didn’t want to come across like an elderly neighbor.

Time passed.  Leaves changed colors. Had anyone bought the domain that I’d let expire?  Certainly not Pat or Vanna.  Nobody else either. So I bought it again.  THIS IS THE REBRAND.

How many blogs do you follow that start off with a confession like that? I’m building trust. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

If this blog/website/experiment is going to keep me entertained then I can’t just stick to a niche. If you only go to websites that belong to a certain niche then boy do I have other questions for you. But I’m switching topics. I’m going to write in CAPS sometimes. I’m going to go viral.  I might take this blog in a direction that compels you to only check in after midnight when the streetlights are brightest. You might need a password for some posts or to click twice on a dragon’s eyes and then click again when he spits fire.

Bookmark this site on your laptop or handheld device. Rate and review.  Like and subscribe.  Imagine this post as a video and then mentally SMASH the bell like those people always direct you to. Do you trust those guys? Did they ever confess anything to you early in your relationship? Life is a trust fall and they let you break your back. SHAKING MY HEAD.

This is my blog.  Follow or don’t. I’m OUTCHEA.